Evolution Series Bowed Colors Cello Vol 3 (KONTAKT)

Exotic Cello Explore the emotional depths of traditional Chinese music with Bowed Colors Cello Vol. 3in the expressive performance of virtuoso Paul Stender. Each note echoes centuries-old traditions and deep feelings. Let these organic and lyrical tones transport you to a world of depth and inspiration.

Created specifically for Kontakt 7, Cello Vol. 3 demonstrates a user-friendly interface designed for easy navigation.
Using sophisticated scripting techniques, we offer precise and fluid control over the complex texture of this instrument, providing complete immersion in the music.

System Requirements:

  • Publisher : Evolution Series
  • Format : KONTAKT (7.8+)
  • Quality : 24 bit 48 kHz stereo
  • Size : 1.23 GB

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