Kiive Audio KC1 | Tube Compressor V1.0.0 macOS [Linux]

The Kiive Audio KC1 | Tube Compressor is meticulously crafted to emulate the rich, warm sound of classic tube compressors. Whether you’re working on vocals, drums, bass, or entire mixes, the KC1 provides the analog warmth and smooth compression that can make your tracks stand out.

With a range of attack, release, threshold, ratio, and makeup gain controls, the KC1 allows for precise shaping of your audio dynamics. Whether you’re aiming for subtle dynamic control or aggressive compression, the KC1 provides the flexibility to achieve your desired sound.

System Requirements:

  • Version : 1.0.0
  • Developer : Kiive Audio
  • Platform : Intel/Apple Silicon Universal
  • Tablet : Serial number
  • System requirements :
    ☑ macOS 10.13+ and later
  • Size : 353.8 MB

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